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Remote-first recruiting practices: How we do it at Remote


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Entrevista a Juvenal Reinolds, Senior Consultant
11 Setembro, 2020
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Remote-first recruiting practices: How we do it at Remote

It helps them get a fuller idea of not only how you work but how you work remotely. But, during the pandemic, even if you’re going after a 100% in-person job, you may end up interviewing and even onboarding remotely. Ace that remote interview by preparing for the experience in advance. Especially with virtual teams, people come from diverse locations and backgrounds. With the spread of digitalization and globalized industries, for many remote businesses, international teams are almost a requirement. Diversity can be a winning card, but you still need people able to communicate with each other.

hiring process for remote jobs

You can also research job seekers’ online presence and reach out to them through social media. For candidates hired through this process the net result are folks who are ready to work. Much of the items usually done during the remote onboarding process have already been completed. Setting up a part-time contract may seem like a lot of effort, but it is a lot less effort than hiring a candidate that doesn’t fit in your organization.

Form a hiring team

Find the right video conferencing software to host remote interviews. If you’re the last interviewer, walk the candidate out of the meeting room and make sure they know what the next steps of the hiring process will be. Here are some resources on the best sites to promote remote jobs, source, and recruit remote candidates. An intelligent screening solution such as an assessment can dramatically cut down the time it is taking you to make a hire, without impacting the quality of your hires. Businesses can find the right skills, personality types, and even culture fit by investing in an intelligent piece of technology that will do all of the hard work for them. With video interviews being commonplace, passive candidates will be able to speak with you during a lunch break, or even before or after their work day. Talent is much more likely to be happy to have a casual fifteen-minute conversation with you when it does not require any travel or taking time out of their already busy workday.

The biggest difference from on-site workers is that we have become very shy to hire anyone who does not have experience accomplishing something hard working with others . While some changes may be permanent and some are likely temporary, the new normal means that, for right now, many things are going remote.

Hiring templates

Then, ask team members if they are a yes or a no for moving the candidate forward in the hiring process, with detailed reasoning for their choice. Review the candidates resume, the hiring rubric, and the interview remote interview process questions you plan to ask. If you’ll be conducting the interview remotely, ask all interviewers to join the video call early to ensure that you are prepared for the candidate and respect their time.

  • You need to be clear about who is responsible for the onboarding process, and create chances for the new starter to meet other employees.
  • In some cases, hiring managers have to wait until they can extend offers to multiple people at the same time due to financial constraints.
  • When it comes to hiring remote workers, this remote hiring tool has been leading the charge since 2011.
  • This interview could be with someone from the leadership team or a player from another team who will collaborate heavily with this role.
  • Hiring in virtual teams isn’t only about skills and expertise but also about sharing ethics and vision.
  • Even if you’re not hiring right now, you will be on the radar of the relevant people when the time comes.
  • To get to the interview stage, you need toget past the applicant tracking systemand impress the hiring manager.

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